• The Science Behind Our Products

    There are today a variety of large studies that indicate the positive effect of the essential oils on a number of different conditions, both for body and mind. A selection of published studies can be found in this section for those interested that show various effects that essential oils can potentially have. Read about essential oils for pain, stress reduction and sleep on the different pages in this section.

  • History of Essential Oils

    Essential oils have been used for many centuries for both physical, religious and spiritual purposes, dating back to several thousand years BC in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine as well as by the Romans in the Roman Empire. Ancient Egyptians used essential oils for the manufacture of cosmetics and various salves for medicinal purposes as early as 4500 BC.

  • Essential Oils Today

    We have now in modern times begun to understand the incredible power that exists in these natural and potent plant drops. Today's use of essential oils is based on knowledge from the ancient use of the essential oils together with growing contemporary research in the field. Which we at Numi have embraced, we believe in the natural power, ancient knowledge as well as modern knowledge.