We at Numi believe in taking responsibility for our planet and that we all have a role to play in reducing our environmental impact. We strive to use sustainable and environmentally friendly methods in everything we do.

We work actively to reduce our impact on the environment by using recyclable materials in our packaging, minimizing the waste we produce and working with sustainable suppliers who share our vision of a more sustainable future. We use only pure and carefully selected ingredients and follow the entire supply chain to ensure ethical and sustainable practices throughout our product line.

We are proud to offer quality and sustainable products that not only support your health and well-being, but also contribute to a more sustainable and just world.


We have carefully sought out reliable producers for our essential oils who share our strong ethical commitment. Our raw materials and products are created without animal testing, and we strive to ensure that the production and preparation of the essential oil takes place in an ethical and responsible way for both workers and nature. Something that is important to us at Numi. We want to be able to fully stand behind our products during the entire manufacturing process.

The production of our finished products takes place in Europe, and our essential oils come from different parts of the world depending on where the specific oil is grown. Unfortunately, not all plants can be grown in our latitudes, but to the extent possible, we choose oils grown in Europe.