• Application

    Our essential oils are versatile and can be used both through bodily application, such as for pain where the oil should be applied to the affected area, and through inhalation. For the best inhalation effect, apply a few drops to the palms, warm the oil by massaging the hands together and then take a few deep breaths with the hands close to the face.

  • Absorption

    Essential oils' small oil molecules are absorbed through the skin and reach our bloodstream. On the way through the blood vessels, they spread their benefits throughout the body and support your well-being in different ways depending on the properties of the specific oil.

  • Fragrance

    The scent of the oils travels via olfactory nerves in the nose to our emotional brain - the limbic system. The signals release a range of signaling substances such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine from a calming, uplifting and stimulating oil. The signaling substances can in turn affect our mood.

  • Impact

    After application, absorption and inhalation, the essential oils can work wonders with their healing properties. The products can have a range of different effects on the body depending on the specific properties of the oils. For example, they have the potential to provide emotional, calming and invigorating effects depending on how the oil is absorbed by the body and which oil is used.

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